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Best Profitable Forex Trading Systems 2018

Best Profitable Forex Trading Systems 2018

Trading on the Forex market is a real chance for financial growth. In this type of business money is made seemingly out of the thin air – in the literal sense of the word. Let’s discover more about the best profitable forex trading systems in 2018.

Given all the latest trends in the development of the market and trading software, the top profitable forex systems at the moment are:

  • Scalping systems,
  • Price Action System,
  • Mathematical Systems.

Here brief reviews of  each of them.

Scalping Systems

First of all it is necessary to note that they came to the market due to the development of trading software, namely – trading platforms. For those who are out of subject, the essence of scalping is getting a small number of points of profit by concluding deals during the day. Typically, scalping transactions have a lifetime of several seconds to several hours. Their number depends on the strategy, and the quality of the trading conditions of the broker company. Namely – on the size of the spread (it should be minimal), slippage (minimum slippage of the price is required) and the speed of execution of trading orders of the trader. There are two types of them:

  • Night scalping ones are trading strategies inside a quiet, almost horizontal, night price channel to rebound from the walls of such a channel inside.
  • Daily scalping strategy is the work of trading bots on the day market.

Price Action Systems

They are based on using price actions and price patterns.

As for price action tactics – this is a fairly new approach that analyzes the rate of change in prices, the length of price jumps and falls, and allows the trader to move in the direction of active market movement on the trend.

What are the latter? These are all known figures that from time to time appear on the charts of quotations (triangle, pennant, moisture, rhombus, etc.) and for a long time, and are successfully used for trading on the stock exchange.

Mathematical Trading Systems

These are the most dangerous and, at the same time, the most common type of profitable forex system during 2018.

Conditionally they can be divided into two categories:

  • Averaging strategies are the results of several transactions in order to bring the first loss-making transaction into profit. With the help of averaging, it is much easier to go into profit. However, this method is much more unpredictable one in case the market does not turn in the right direction.
  • Martingale’s strategy is the multiplication of trading lots by a certain coefficient in order to obtain profit, the amount of which covers the sum of the previously received loss. This is the most challenging way of behavior, which is often used on the exchange by beginners and most often leads to the loss of funds.

Please, study this information and make your choice.

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