October 5, 2015

Recent Cooking Exploits

A quick update on some recent cooking exploits. As the weather finally cool off a bit, it's time to get back to some heartier dishes. The lasagna bolognese is as decadent a lasagna as you could possibly want to eat. It's filling, and a fun splurge. The recipe comes from Kenji, and like many of his successful recipes, he does the research to create the best possible final product. This lasagna requires you make an all-day bolognese, so plan ahead. It also a features an uber-rich  besciamella sauce that the entire thing bathes in. Did I say it was decadent?
As I said above, cooler weather brings out some of my favorite recipes like the David Chang's take on ramen. I had been making Ivan Orkin's seafood stock-based ramen last year, but went back to the traditional tonkotsu with Chang's recipe. The rich stock topped with pork belly, pork butt, soft-boiled egg, some nori and scallion will make you happy. I'm not really a student of ramen, I've probably had my own as often as I've had others. That being said, I was quite happy again with the results.

The key here is simmering five pounds of pork neck bones, along with some smoked hocks, for about 7 hours. There's nothing like the richness of a fatty-all-day pork broth.

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