September 21, 2015

Recent Gavage

I've been busy and not posting here like I once did. I do some work for Eater Atlanta now which takes time and thought away from my updates here. Since I still take obnoxious amounts of pictures of food and wine, here are some things I've been in to this month.

Banh Mi at Guy Wong's Le Fat on the Westside. A nice crunchy and airy baguette (as it should be), ours were stuffed with head chesse and pate (traditional) and the other was lemongrass steak. Good, solid banh mi. Maybe a bit pricey at $10 when you can get 5 for $10 at Quoc Huang on Buford Highway (lol), but these were quite nice for in-town banh mi.
Le Fat's red oil dumplings. Good, but tough to compete with the brilliant recent renditions at Good Luck Gourmet.
Ponce City Market's restaurants are finally coming to life. As of this weekend, Holeman & Finch's two outposts, H&F Burger and Hop's fried chicken were open. The fried chicken sandwich above was, eh, uninspiring. Almost as good as Chik-Fil-A! Judging from the huge crowds already at PCM, all the food stalls will do well and foodies will rave about it and your Instagram feed will blow up with all the food pics...and so on...
Squid ink spaghetti at No. 246 in Decatur. One of the better dishes I've had there in some time.
The slight chill in the air last weekend had me thinking red wine again, finally. Figured it was time to check-in on this Mourvedre from my friends, Dirty and Rowdy. This was a nice match with ribs and brisket smoked on the Big Green Egg. The Dirty & Rowdy wines are popping up around town with more frequency now, so be on the lookout and give the local boys a shot if you've not yet tried their truly idiosyncratic wines.


  1. Where can I find D&R wines around town? Thanks!

  2. Chris,
    Hop City at Krog Market has (had) some, also Le Caveau in Chamblee gets a little bit. It's highly allocated, so not much to go around. Cakes and Ale shop, too. It's on the lists at Cakes and Ale, ESS, Aria, Luminary to name a few. Cheers!