August 9, 2015

Revival, Decatur

Some pics above from my first visit to Kevin Gillespie's Revival in Decatur. The restaurant is an homage to Gillespie's southern roots and Sunday suppers at his grandmother's house. Set in a historic old home at the southernmost end of Church Street in Decatur, everything about Revival makes you happy to be in the south. We tried a number of things off the including the bacon-wrapped meatloaf and fried chicken. Being as how I am a Yankee by birth, and am not a pedantic student of fried chicken, I'm not going to deconstruct Revival's chicken. It had an exceptionally crunchy exterior with juicy and flavorful meat throughout. As good as any fried chicken I can remember. Dinner comes includes a basket of cornbread for the table that will become your favorite-ever cornbread once you try it. The trimmings shine, too, including the fatback-cream corn and mac and cheese, both soul-comforting in their richness and layers of flavor. The Revival bar program features some old drink favorites from Gunshow like the Toasted Old Fashioned, as well as some classic southern punches and cocktails. Revival has come along at a perfect time in Decatur's evolution as a dining destination and it fills one of the few remaining voids in Decatur's food scene. I'm already planning my next visit.

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