August 31, 2015

Nerds Rule at My Parents' Basement in Avondale

 My Parents' Basement opened recently in Avondale Estates in the space once occupied by the James Joyce Pub. Billed as a Nerd's paradise, it's part comic book store, part video arcade, and part pub with a large selection of local and regional beers on tap.  One of the wall of comics is pictured above.
There's a very workable and affordable menu with close to a dozen sandwiches and several sides and small plates as well. Pictured above is the South Philly-style cheesesteak with shaved ribeye, caramelized onions and Cheese Wiz. It's not going to win any best cheesesteak in the city awards, but it might scratch your cheesesteak itch. And it is a substantial sandwich that comes with a side for $12. The side dish of farro salad with radish was actually one of the best dishes of the night.
"Chicken and Waffles"is one of the small plate appetizer offerings. Fried chicken piece are baked into the waffles, which is a nice idea, but I wanted more of a salty-fried chicken presence to balance the sweetness of the waffle. Pickled mustard seeds are a nice touch. We also tried the Pine Street Market salami and butter sandwich and the breakfast sandwich on runny egg and bacon on white bread.
Plenty of space at the large bar. Lots of good local craft beers on tap from the likes of Three Taverns, Second Self, Orpheus, Monday Night, Creature Comforts, an so on...
There are only three video games right now, but the games are a fun way to kill some time while having a beer or two before or after dinner. And they have Centipede! I would imagine that My Parents' Basement will do well, and judging from the big crowd gathered on the patio on a recent Thursday night, they appear to be off to a good start.

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