August 2, 2015

Cooking Things and It's Still Hot

I guess I need a sexier excuse than, "I've been busy," as a reason for not really updating blog anymore. Seems I get my, "Hey, look at pictures of food I cooked and/or ate"-itch scratched in real-er time by Instagram these days. I've left this remnant of the oughts behind in some ways...Since it's August, and it's hot out, and I'm cowering inside with the AC cranked, I figured I'd check in here with some recent cooking exploits. Above is szechuan-style green beans that I've made a handful of times this summer. I use Kenji's method, of broiling the beans, then dousing them in a sauce of ginger, garlic, Szechuan peppercorns, and whole chile de arbol. Spicy? Yep.
Homemade pizza using the skillet-broiler method. I swear, I don't have a weird thing for Kenji, but I am considering burning all my cookbooks and just following Kenji. Pizza is good.
Smashed fried potatoes, Waxman-style. These are some yummy potatoes and a nice alternative to french fries. The master, Jonathan Waxman, crushes parboiled, whole Russets and then deep-fried them in large chunks. My chunks could have been bigger, but the potatoes do fall apart a bit when you crush them in your hand. Still awesomely delicious.
95 degrees and sunny calls for white wine, like this zippy Weszeli Gruner Veltliner I got for $25 from Le Caveau Fine Wines. This wine just works in the summer. Drink it with anything. Spicy, szechuan green beans, for example.
More white wine goodness from Lopez de Heredia. I've professed my affinity for LdH here before. Unique and singular wines that age remarkably well and aren't like most wines most people drink. So there, go find some.

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