July 10, 2015

David Sweeney at Cakes & Ale

Dynamic David Sweeney has been popping-up around town a good bit lately. Most recently, he did a popup as part of Cakes & Ale Sunday Supper series. Sweeney is a vegetable whisperer. Eat one of his meals and you'll start thinking you'd be happy as a vegetarian. The dish above featured peas and tomatoes with feta cheese smothered in a pickled tamarind cream. Brilliant, fresh, and stunning flavors. Still thinking about it.
Another of the nine dishes that came out...green Beans and grilled radicchio.
Crudite with green goddess dressing. Beautiful and refreshing.
Chanterelles over a delicate sweet corn puree. So freaking good.
Grouper en papillote with fennel, cumin, lemon. Delicious. As the paper opened, the table filled with the scents middle eastern spices. It was a great meal all around. If you have not had David Sweeney's food, be on the lookout for another popup and go get some.

July 5, 2015

Recent Kitchen Exploits

Seems a month has gone by since I updated this blog. Just don't have the time lately, and it seems that I get feedback more quickly dropping pictures on to Instagram where my legions of fans rush to double tap it. That being said, I've had some time for cooking. Here are a few highlights:
Black vinegar-glazed pork belly buns from Kevin Gillespie's, Pure Pork Awesomeness cookbook. Pork belly is brined for a couple days, compressed for a couple days, then deep fried, and topped with pickled carrots, cabbage, and cilantro. I bought the buns on Buford Highway; I'm not that crazy. Tasty as heck, but too much work to make these with any regularity at home. I'm looking forward to Kevin's Revival, opening this month in Decatur.
I had some buddies over last week for a night of cooking, eating, and mass wine consumption. Like we did in the good 'ol days, circa 2011. Above, my dish of pickled shrimp (can't get enough pickled shrimp these days, I blame Edmund's Oast) on pumpernickel toast with fennel, radish, and chive oil.
Beef tartare topped with fried oyster and broccoli sprouts and balsamic reduction. Too much acid in this dish...live and learn.
My buddy Jimmy made these tasty sopes with beef that was kept sous-vide for four days. The beef was fall apart tender with great flavor. Always wanted to make sopes and now I get it and will do them again soon.
We drank some decent wines. It was a good night. I was moving slow on Thursday. Until next time...