June 2, 2015

Recent Eats & Drinks

Biscuits and pastrami gravy at the always-excellent General Muir. I've never been disappointed with a meal at General Muir. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Excellent. Always.
Pretty pate with maple gelee, peanuts and flowers at Kimball House. I used to think of KH as just a go-to for drinks and oysters, but over the past year, the food continues to improve and impress.
Tagliatelle Carbonara at No. 246. I feel the same about No. 246 as I have for the past three years. It's good. It never wows, but never really disappoints. It's my go-to place in Decatur with out-of-town visitors with less-then-adventurous tastes.
This recent charcuterie selection at No. 246 was actually pretty strong.
Octopus and sausage at St. Cecilia. I like St. Cecilia. If it was on my side of town I would visit more often. Good dish, though it pales in comparison to Bocca Lupo's rendition.
With the onset of the southern summer my wine-drinking shifts to crisp white wines, and increasingly, Champagne. Ultramarine makes some ultra-rare and mind-bendingly good sparkling wine from California.
Even better, sparkling wine from Champagne. Savart rocks.

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