June 9, 2015

Summer Homecooking

Some recent home cooking exploits as the weather heats up and my palate shifts to fresher and lighter flavors. Above, some-Szechuan-style pork dumplings in a spicy chili oil. A tasty dish, from a recipe by Fuchsia Dunlop's great book, Every Grain of Rice.
Making dumplings isn't easy, and you need to dedicate some time to do it right. I  need to work on my folding, to get the traditional "water caltrop" shape, but I was pretty happy with how these turned out.
I also made this terrific pickled shrimp salad on pumpernickel dish. My homage to the great dish at Edmund's Oast in Charleston picture below. I'm developing a real love for pickled shrimp as a warm weather snack. While many southern chefs have renditions, I used the Lee Brothers' recipe for this dish. The shrimp plays great off the aioli, warm bread, and crunch from the fennel and radish.
Edmund's Oast's killer version that lead me down this path.

June 2, 2015

Recent Eats & Drinks

Biscuits and pastrami gravy at the always-excellent General Muir. I've never been disappointed with a meal at General Muir. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Excellent. Always.
Pretty pate with maple gelee, peanuts and flowers at Kimball House. I used to think of KH as just a go-to for drinks and oysters, but over the past year, the food continues to improve and impress.
Tagliatelle Carbonara at No. 246. I feel the same about No. 246 as I have for the past three years. It's good. It never wows, but never really disappoints. It's my go-to place in Decatur with out-of-town visitors with less-then-adventurous tastes.
This recent charcuterie selection at No. 246 was actually pretty strong.
Octopus and sausage at St. Cecilia. I like St. Cecilia. If it was on my side of town I would visit more often. Good dish, though it pales in comparison to Bocca Lupo's rendition.
With the onset of the southern summer my wine-drinking shifts to crisp white wines, and increasingly, Champagne. Ultramarine makes some ultra-rare and mind-bendingly good sparkling wine from California.
Even better, sparkling wine from Champagne. Savart rocks.