May 14, 2015

Le Lunch at Le Fat

In an attempt to occasionally resuscitate my little blog here, I figured I'd post some pics of a recent lunch at had at Guy Wong's new-ish Vietnamese brasserie, Le Fat. Le Fat has been open for dinner for about six weeks and just started serving lunch on May 12th. The menu is compact and features a good number of classics one might expect from a Vietnamese cafe.
We started with the crispy spring rolls and refreshing and perfectly seasonal papaya salad. I'd visit again just for this salad with its crunchy papaya, mango, and apple playing nicely off the spicy, citrus-spiked, thai vinaigrette. Since we were sharing plates, our server split the papaya salad into two smaller bowls, it's actually larger than what you see above.
Bbq beef short ribs and pickles. Good flavor, smokiness, and char to the tender beef.
The wonton dumplings with spicy chili soy oil and crispy shallots. This dish is normally only on the dinner menu, but lunching with the Buddha does come with certain advantages. These wontons killed it. I want more. And more from Le Fat, but next time at dinner. However, now is when I lament that I live in Decatur (not really, because, well, Decatur) and getting over to the Westside is a pain in the ass most days, so I probably won't frequent Le Fat as often as I'd like. That's alright, though, I'll just wait patiently for Big Boss Chinese to open to see what else Guy Wong has in mind.

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