May 4, 2015

May Home Cookery: Szechuan and More

I kicked off May with some home-cooking. Was out of town good bit in April, and it was good to get back in the kitchen for some weekend cooking projects. Above is a pic of some spicy Szechuan treats I made last Saturday. Pictured are hot and numbing beef, dry fried green beans, twice fired eggplant, and smashed cucumber in chili oil. I threw in some General Tsao's chicken for the kids. Fuchsia Dunlop's understated book, Every Grain of Rice is an essential resource for these dishes.
If you hear "hot and numbing beef" and think, maybe I shouldn't drink wine with that, remember German Riesling is your friend here. The Spatlese above showed a rather youthful and rich white fruit that soothed the fire from the food and really worked well with all of the dishes.
I also made this decadent lasagna bolognese following Kenji's Food Lab recipe. I think I refer to Kenji for recipes as much as any other cooking authority. Per usual, with Kenji's stuff, this lasagna rocked. The three hour bolognese with veal, lamb, and pork was a good place to start.

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