April 15, 2015

Spring Breakery: Perfect Pig and More

Spring Break in Seagrove has come and gone, but I did manage to have some tasty bites this year. Our place in Seagrove was right next door to The Perfect Pig, thankfully some of the best restaurant food I've had in the area in the past five years. It's a fun space that opens for breakfast and serves up satisfying and thoughtful bites all day with some fun provisions to go.
The decadent nachos above are not for the faint of heart #HealthFood. House potato chips covered in ramp aoili and and blue cheese. Wut? Tasty, and you won't be hungry for a few hours.
The flatbread with arugula pesto, roma tomatoes, and just a bit of Parmesan. Now you really won't be  
     hungry for a few hours. The lunch menu featured some fun smaller plates and a killer ham and  
    cheese sandwiches that has changed the way I think about the lowly ham and cheese sandwich.
 Per usual, we had to do a shrimp boil at the house one night while in town. Thanks, Goatfeathers.
And this is how one kicks up the beach-house party. With spicy boudin from the Boudin King in Jennigs, LA. Hard to describe, but probably the best sausage I've ever eaten. A singular experience that just isn't replicated outside of Cajun country.
Some tasty wines were had as well, including this gem from Ultramarine. Single-vineyard, California sparkling wine from a boutique producer. Ultramarine and ultra-rare. Worth tracking down if your nuts about wine and like to spend money frivolously on fermented grape juice.

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