March 3, 2015

Superica, Swenson's, Sunshine and More

I recently made a lunch visit at the newly-opened Superica, in the soon-to-be-too-crowded-for its-own-good-Krog Street Market. Superica is the latest restaurant in Ford Fry's over-growing empire in the metro-ATL dining scene. Superica is billed as Tex-Mex, something that was missing in Atlanta according to our server. The nachos above were solid, the best part of a meal that also included tacos and enchiladas. The nachos are done Texas-style (my lunch date told me that, and he's worldly, so I usually believe him). With Texas nachos, each large chip gets the full treatment of toppings, instead of the nachos you might be used to where you get a mountain of tortillas chips with only a scattered covering of cheese and other toppings. With Texas-style you get a handful of large, fried- to-slightly-puffy chips, each fully coated with cheese and other goodies. Tasty.
The "puffy" tacos pictured above above did not deliver the life-changing experience our server promised. Hard to eat with your hands, maybe over-dressed, and the beef was sadly lacking flavor. The chicken mole enchiladas we had were  good, if somewhat underwhelming. It is a fun space, though, and I could certainly see giving Superica another shot soon.

I was recently on the road visiting family in northeast Ohio where Swenson's drive-ins are a legendary institution. Greasy burgers and fries delivered to your car, just like the old days. The "galley boy" with everything is the go-to cheeseburger. It's messy, greasy, and oh-so-good.
My brother continues to send me great beers from small, craft breweries from around the New England area. I guess it has something to do with the fact that that part of the country had a head start on brewing over the rest of us, as the number of amazing beers coming from New England is mind-boggling. The Sip of Sunshine by Lawson's Finest is a perfect beer if such a thing exists.
Lopez de Heredia wines have become a favorite of mine over the past couple of years. I don't (can't) drink as much Burgundy as I once did and these brilliant Riojas from LDH are a worthy replacement. Truly sublime wines that age well and become sophisticated and elegant with age. Sort of like Burgundy, but for a fraction of the cost. I said, sort of like Burgundy. Wut?
And delivering even m ore bang for the buck is Chinon from Olga Raffault in the Loire Valley. I know I post on some wack wines that most people just won't care about as they they tend to be wines that are too expensive or too hard to find. The Raffault wines, however, are accessible and won't break the bank. Thing is, despite the relatively low cost, these wines can age for years and years and become truly brilliant after 20 or more years. Go see Eric at Le Caveau Fine Wines in Chamblee. He will hook you up.

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