March 29, 2015

March Ramblings

Some recent food and drink ramblings. The pollo perfecto from Superica in Krog Street Market. This chicken leg, with super crispy skin and rich, cinnamon-laden mole is probably the best thing I've had at Superica. I'd order it again tomorrow.
From a prior lunch visit to Superica, very solid barbacoa tacos. I like Superica, perhaps more with each subsequent visit. It appears that most of the east side of Atlanta likes Superica, too, judging from the size of the crowds on my last two visits.
I hadn't been to The General Muir in about six month and had forgotten how much I love that place. We did all veggies dishes for dinner, a standout being the black lentils with charred cauliflower and yogurt above.
Another one from General Muir, kale fritters covered in a blanket of Parmesan. Here's to putting The General Muir back in the regular rotation.
I made a quick weekend trip down to Tampa with my brother and some friends for two nights of debauchery at Bern's Steak House. What? Who flies to Tampa for two dinners at an old steak house? Thing is, Bern's is no ordinary steak house; they happen to have one of the largest and oldest wine cellars of any restaurant in North America. Think hundreds of thousands of bottles, with many bottles dating back to the early 20th century. It's a wine lover's dream. Like Disney World, for adults.
The main lobby at Bern's. Stepping into Bern's is kind of like stepping into a hole in the time-space continuum. It's windowless, and dimly lit, and woody, and carpeted. It feels a bit like Vegas, and a bit like Vito Corleone's basement. Most of all, it feels like party time.
Like Fight Club, the first rule of Bern's is that you don't talk about Bern's. To that end, I won't be sharing pics of the numerous bottles we enjoyed. I'll tease with just the one above to leave you in awe of the treats you can find in Berns' cellar. A 1977 California Zinfandel from Ridge that will change your mind on what Zinfandel is an can be. Amazing. Now back to chasing the Bern's dragon...

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