February 22, 2015

The Wines of Herve Souhaut

Time for some wine talk, something I don't do much of around here anymore. I recently got turned on to
the interesting wines of Herve Souhaut by my buddy Eric at Le Caveau Fine Wines. Souhaut makes wine under the Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet lavel from old vines in the northern Rhone Valley, in area that is widely accepted as being having some of the best soil for wine-making in Europe. The wines are produced by hand,  naturally and organically, with no added sulfur or chemical treatments. The wines can be drinkable young, but they show their best stuff after a few years of bottle age. The white wine pictured above is mostly Roussane with a little Viognier in the mix. This one is especially drinkable now, though a little age certainly won't hurt.
The Les Cessieux is a complex and brooding Syrah that is a brand new wine for Souhaut in 2013. This one isn't giving up the goods yet and is in need of some time before it really starts to strut its stuff. This is a wine to buy and forget about for five years. 100% Syrah from the rocky soils around St. Joseph in the northern Rhone valley. These Souhaut wines are rare, produced in small quantities, and it is treat to get to taste them. Go see Eric at Le Caveau and get some of the rarest wine in town. You won't regret it.

February 15, 2015

February Food Stuffs

A melange of things I've consumed lately. Otherwise known as a picture dump with a few words. I made Kenji's version of cassoulet again this weekend. He uses chicken. It works. Cooked uncovered for four plus hours, along with some gelatin in the stock, and you get a nice little crust along with the crispy chicken legs and thighs. Great stuff.
Brisket and rare steak Pho at Chateau Saigon on Buford Highway. Solid. First time at Chateau Saigon for me. Interesting space. Slightly upscale interior, by BuHi standards, a large and diverse menu, and a newly redone and interesting wine list. Check out their spiffy new website.
What's that, you want more Buford Highway? Hard to go wrong with tacos from El Rey. Having grown accustomed to hipster, ITP-lunches that run me $20+, it's nice to leave El Rey stuffed on tacos and chips for $7.50.
Had the opportunity for a quick lunch in Oxford, MS last week while on a road trip. I tried to have lunch at John Currence's City Grocery, the restaurant that put Oxford, and Currence, on the modern culinary map. Alas, City was closed for a private event, so I walked across the square to Currence's more casual, Boree, a NOLA-inspired pub and grub joint. The fired shrimp po-boy above was solid, if unremarkable. Wish I had more time to explore around the Oxford square, felt like a fun place for eating, drinking, and revelry.
Stopped by to see the good people at Fred's at Krog Street. The cauliflower and eggplant banh mi is one of my not-feeling-like-overdoing-it go-to orders at Fred's. The bread. The bread makes it. Thanks, Rob.
Foie and pork liver pate with house mustard, squash butter, and croissant from Kimball House. The Kimball House kitchen continues to impress me lately. Initially, I thought of KH only as the oyster and cocktail place, but I've had some wow dishes over the last few months. This one killed it. So good. What's not to love about Kimball House? Carry on.

February 3, 2015

Thanks, But I'd Rather Drink Actual Red Wine

Photo courtesy of Creative Loafing

Interesting article by Angela over at Creative Loafing on Vinia, a "red wine powder" that contains the nutrients of red wine in a powder that can be mixed into any other liquid. The company behind Vinia,  Bioharvest, is marketing the product as a way to get the health benefits of red wine, without, get this, actually drinking red wine. Sounds like fun! I was asked for some comments about the product and my brilliant commentary was featured in the article. So go read it over at Creative Loafing now!