January 26, 2015

January Eats & Drinks

Some recent hits on wine and food from the last couple of weeks. Tried to get back to normal after the holiday binging, so perhaps a little less food and wine than unusual this January. I did try Golden Bbq on Buford Highway for some traditional Cantonese food. It was good. I wouldn't go out of my way for it, but the flavors were mostly solid; though, the place isn't much to look at.
Last week's Dude lunch at the new Qing Mu in Buckhead. You want to pay a little more for your authentic Chinese noodle bowl? Buckhead can do that. Qing Mu gets points for their focus. They do one thing, noodle bowls, and they do it fairly well. My lunch date said it was "inoffensive." That translates to 5 stars using his rating system. You can choose from five bowls: brisket, veggie, seafood, chicken, double beef, or make your own concoction. At $12, my chicken and pork bowl wasn't a great deal, but the broth was rich enough with a little bit of spice. Billed as a spicy broth, I wanted more spicy, but that might just be my palate. If I lived in Buckhead (and thank god I don't!), I might visit here often to scratch that noodle bowl itch on a cold day.
 Return visit to Yalla at Krog Street Market. It's great. That's all.
Las Brasas. The best chicken in Decatur that no one ever seems to talk about. Las Brasas just keeps cranking it out and always delivers. Great people. Great chicken. Again...do one thing, and do it well. There's a beauty in that.
Beer-battered onion rings at home, along with a not-pictured fish fry. Harissa mayonnaise right there because in case you didn't know it, every other thing you make in 2015 must contain harissa. Wut?
Another limited production gem from Eric at Le Caveau Wines in Chamblee. Herve Souhaut makes limited amounts of Syrah, and Rhone blends from around the Rhone Valley in France. This white wine is mostly Rousanne, with a little bit of Viognier. A versatile wine that matches well with seafood, chicken, or even pasta dishes. Hard to find anywhere, and nearly impossible to find in GA, unless you go see Eric. Tell him I sent you.

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