December 1, 2014

Yalla at Krog Street Market

I think Krog Street Market is going to be problematic for my wallet and waistline. After a visit to Fred's Meat and Bread for lunch earlier in the week, I returned for dinner at Yalla on Saturday night. From the same team behind General Muir, and Fred's,Yalla is a middle eastern food stall right adjacent to Fred's. They are only doing dinner at Yalla for now as they adjust to the huge crowds at both stalls. 
Our first visit was great, though the staff was clearly struggling to work through the many variations one could make to the menu. Proteins and mains can be ordered as pitas or platters, each fully customizable with numerous roasted and grilled vegetables as well as things like labne and tahini. Each of the five dished we tried were strong, many flavors true to what I remember from my Syrian grandmother's kitchen as a kid. The falafel above offer a lighter rendition of a chickpea fritter packed with mint, cilantro, and parsley flavor.
Sabich pita filled with roasted eggplants, eggs, and pickles. This was excellent with fresh pita made just prior to service.
Blurry picture of the excellent schwarma platter with added pickles, labne, harissa and roasted onions and eggplant. I could see eating at Yalla often, with numerous options and variations there are multiple ways to approach each meal, and by today's standards, there is a good bit of value for what Yalla delivers.
One of the many cool things about KSM is that you have numerous options for dining and drinking under one roof. For example, after strolling and shopping a bit we stopped in to The Luminary for drinks and snacks before our dinner at Yalla. Good drinks at The Luminary; the smoked wings had decent smoke flavor and a curry aioli that added a nice spicy lift.

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