December 22, 2014

Favorites, 2014 Edition

A quick reflection on some favorite things in 2014. From the home-cooking files, a few dishes I was happy with. The ricotta and fig salad above hit the right notes when fresh figs were in season back over the summer.
Fried oyster and steak tartare with pickled red onions and chive oil. Made this for a dinner with friends. I stole the idea from Mike Lata's rendition at The Ordinary in Charleston.
I've gotten pretty good at making ramen and pho at home. Let's just say it's good enough to scratch that itch when I don't feel like driving up Buford Highway and I get the satisfaction of knowing I can pull it off at home. For ramen, I really like making Ivan Orkin's seafood stock version from his Ivan Ramen cookbook, which is also one of my favorite things this year.
I like Kenji's recipe for tradtional beef pho, but I also find myself gravitating to the clean, pure flavors of Ed Lee's chicken and country ham pho from his excellent book.
Domaine Olga Raffault makes great Cabernet Franc from Chinon that can age a good while. This 1990 was one of my favorite wines of the year. Great Cabernet Franc that won't break the bank.
I also reaffirmed my love for Savart's Champagne this year. One of my favorite wines. I drank a good bit of this in 2014. While it took me a while, I'm fully on board with the fact that Champagne is not just for special occasions. I drink Champagne regularly now, it goes with everything.
Summer of Cheeseburgers with my son. We had a good time, he ate a lot of cheeseburgers. One Eared Stag's Meat Stick came out on top for us, but General Muir, Holeman & Finch, and Bocado were all winning burgers.
Charleston Eats: Still one of my favorite cities to visit. So much good food, and several new places came out swinging in 2014. I made multiple visits to Edmund's Oast, The Obstinate Daughter, and Leon's Oyster Shop this year. Strong stuff. Can't wait to go back!
Beer! Drank some good beer this year. Including the cult favorites Heady Topper and Ghandi Bot. The Maine Beer Co are always solid, and a nod to my favorites from the south: Westbrook Brewing out of Mt. Pleasant, SC. It was a good year, see you in '15.

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