October 21, 2014

Ramen Festival at Makan

Makan held its first ramen festival Monday night with all proceeds benefiting The Giving Kitchen. Eight restaurants signed on to serve up their best take on ramen. There was some tasty Ramen bowls of ramen up for grabs and all of it featuring noodles from the legendary Sun Noodles. There was some good beer, too, from Three Taverns.
One of my top 3 bowls from the night, The Lawrence's ramen with lamb stock, lamb belly, and chili paste. Hit the right spots with am unctuous, salty-spiciness that was rich and satisfying.
Another top ramen, this one from the host, Makan. Pork stock with duck, soft-boiled egg and konbu. Good stuff. Traditional tonkotsu done right.
The most unique ramen of the night, the all-vegan soup from Chai Pani. I wish I could remember all that was in it, but there was tamarind and coconut and a good bit of spice.
Best looking eggs goes to St. Cecilia's homey and comforting Italiano-ramen with guanciale and a (un!)healthy dose of rendered guanciale fat in the broth. The broth tasted a bit like a thin Italian pork gravy, which was not exactly what I was looking for, but it was tasty, and was voted the ramen of the night by the crowd.So there.
Another interesting bowl: a dan-dan noodle-type ramen with corn, butter and parmesan from Mibo. A bit of a mash-up that was sweet, buttery, and backed by a good bit of spice that tasted like szechuan peppercorn. Good stuff. All-in-all a fun way to spend a Monday night and all for a good cause. Now I need to go run a few miles to work off all the ramen.

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