October 28, 2014

Eating Around, October Version

Just some recent highlights of eats around town...I've been visiting One Eared Stag with more frequency the past six months. It never disappoints. Above is the hot chicken nuggets and pickles on white bread. An ode to Nashville hot chicken and good spice here.
More fried chicken...this time Makan's Korean Fried Chicken, available only on Wednesday night. This is a nice rendition of Korean fried chicken, crispy, spicy and guaranteed to get you messy.
What? You want more pictures of chicken? The tasty chicken wings from a dude-date for lunch at Nam Phuong.
Also from Nam Phuong, the best shaking beef. Wow, good stuff.
Back at Kimball House a crispy duck leg hit the spot.
As did the sunchoke risotto with wood sorrel and truffle jus. Love Kimball House, but who doesn't?

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