September 28, 2014

Charleston Reprise

I didn't attend on visiting Charleston four times this summer, but there are certainly worse places one could visit. There's a lot to like about the holy city, including the food. We stopped in again at a new fave, The Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan's Island. One of the stars at The OD is the shrimp roll pictured above served with tasty geechie frites.
The Old Danger, a white pie with pancetta, green onion. and farm egg topper. Good stuff.
Required drinking at The OD is the yellow/orange Blood Mary made with local James Island tomatoes.
We also returned to another new fave, Leon's Oyster Shop, in the developing area of north King Street in Charleston. The char-grilled oysters are a good way to start.
 More snacks: Charred shishitos with hoison and sesame.
Fried oyster sandwich with avocado and spicy remoulade.
Leon's shrimp roll topped with chips.
Mr Ma Naugha Ma Hyde looks over Leon's fun and funky space.
Stopped by Westbrook Brewing to visit with the good people cranking out some of the best craft beer on the market these days. Westbrook's tasting room and production facility in Mount Pleasant is an easy 20 minute drive from downtown or the beach. A fun way to spend an afternoon.
We did some locavore cooking in this crab boil with blue crabs pulled from the marshes behind the house. Good stuff.
Early fall-low country morning. The best. Until next time, Charleston.

September 22, 2014

End of Summer Smattering

I've been busy lately and haven't checked-in here on this blog of mine that keeps floundering on. Lacking any real content or creative things to say, here's some pics on recent eats around town. I had lunch at Lusca last week. The few dishes were tried were good. Above was a standout; the farm egg, with uni, ponzu and bonito. A great bite.
We also tried Lusca's lobster roll. It was decent, but perhaps a bit pricey at $19. Fries were great. Interesting offerings at Lusca and I'd likely visit more often if I spent more time on that side of town.
Summer truffle toast and smoked butter from Kimball House a few weeks back. Good stuff. While Kimball House has been an excellent hang out from day one, it seems the kitchen is stepping up their game recently and that's a good thing.
More Kimball House fun with onion rings.
Brunch at General Muir with pastrami, egg, and cheese on rye. Wha? This is what you want for breakfast.
Poached eggs and mushrooms over grits, also from The General Muir brunch. I'm running out of superlatives for The General Muir. It never disappoints.
Back at Taqueria la Oaxaquena in Jonesboro for their excellent tlayuda. La Oaxaquena is a bit of a hidden gem south of Atlanta, but it's definitely worth the trip for their authentic Mexican eats.
A great wine amidst an evening of great wine at a friend's birthday celebration. The 1967 Mayacamas Cabernet Sauvignon. Old-school California Cabernet showing brilliantly at age 47. Thanks, Legend.

September 2, 2014

Recent Home Cooking and Drinking

A bout of recent home cooking exploits in which I focused on vegetables in my quest to finish the summer on a healthy note. Pictured above is a fig and ricotta salad with fresh figs found at Whole Foods last weekend. I  used leftover chive oil and balsamic reduction from some dishes you'll see below to round out the dish along with pecans and broccoli sprouts. I'm pretty happy with how this disk looked and tasted.
Roasted beet salad, goat cheese and charred pecans, finished with O & Co. Massimiliano Geraci olive oil, and more balsamic reduction (hey, once you reduce some balsamic, you'll find ways to use it!).  Thanks to #DudeBro for turning me on to O & Co. olive oils (can be found at Star Provisions for you locals).
From a recent dinner with friends at my house: steak tartare and fried oyster with pickled red onion and roasted red pepper. This was my riff on a memorable dish I had at Mike Lata's, The Ordinary in Charleston last summer. I was pleased with how this turned out. The contrast of crispy hot oyster and cool, rich, raw beef is a winning combination.
From the same dinner, the first course was a smoked beet salad with goat cheese/buttermilk crema and charred pecans. Got this recipe idea from John Currence's excellent newish cookbook, Pickles, Pigs & Whiskey. Beets. I like 'em, in case you haven't noticed.

At the same dinner, we also drank some fine Burgundy wine. No wine trumps well-aged Burgundy. Nothing, nadda. Too bad I can't afford to drink like this more often. I suppose if I did drink like this more often, it would become less meaningful over time, so it's probably best as it is now, a rare and special occasion.
More of the wines. Drinking above my pay grade. Until next time...