August 2, 2014

Summer Home Cooking

Some highlights from recent home cooking. I'm drawn, like most folks, to cleaner and lighter flavors in the summer. I've been experimenting with grain-based bowls this summer having been inspired by Dan Barber's recipes in the June issue of Food & Wine. In the bowl above I used roasted barley, field peas, green peas, radish, jalapeno, hazelnuts, and a dollop of ricotta. Super food and super tasty.

Another grain-based dish, this one inspired by the recipes in Deborah Madison's valuable book, Vegetable Literacy. Roasted barley, roasted peppers, cucumbers, yogurt and mint. Tasty stuff.

I also did another round of rice bowls from Edward Lee's excellent book, Smoke & Pickles. This bowl featured leftover smoked ribeye that I had smoked on the Big Green Egg for an hour at 200 degrees before searing over high heat for a couple minutes. The results were awesome: tender, juicy meat and smoke penetration throughout. Nice with the fried egg and collards in the rice bowl.
Asha Gomez's fried chicken with mango glaze from the recipe in the recent Local Palate. The chicken was decent, with subtle Indian flavors, but in the end, it was somewhat unremarkable in terms of great fried chicken. If I'm going to make fried chicken, I'll stick with Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc version, which is just hard to beat. Until next time...

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