August 17, 2014


This summer, my partner-in-crime and I ate some of metro-Atlanta's best cheeseburgers. I say "some" of the best because this is not an exhaustive list of the best cheeseburgers in the entire metro area. We didn't go all-geeked out-food-blogger-esque and eat three burgers at lunch each day for a week. However, over the course of two months we ate a dozen or so burgers around town and took pics and notes on what we ate. We did include one out-of-town burger as the Husk cheeseburger is too good to leave off the list. We also chose not to eat at "burger joints," so no Farmburger, Smashburger, or Grindhouse on our list. Not that those burger joints do have great burgers; they do, we just played it a different way. So, without further ado, in order of preference from top left to right are our 9 top burgers:
1.The Meat Stick at One Eared Stag   2.Holeman & Finch at the Ted  3.Burger stack at Bocado
4. Husk in Charleston  5. Pinewood Tippling Room  6. The General Muir
7. The Imperial  8. Leon's Full Service  9. Homemade in cast iron
The Meat Stick at One Eared Stag came out on top of our list. The meat stick is cheeseburger perfection. The bacon in the grind adds a fatty, salty, richness that when coupled with the nicely crisped edges and toasted bun creates a heavenly burger experience. No need to confuse this perfection with toppings that ooze or drip or over-complicate things. Just beefy, cheesy goodness. My mouth is watering now thinking about this burger as I'm writing.
The H&F burger at the Ted. This was our first-place burger most of the summer, until we ran into the Meat Stick. There's been plenty written about the legend of the H&F burger. I won't retell that story here. Plain and simple, this is a great cheeseburger, and it's impressive that they can crank these burgers out by the hundreds (thousands?) on game day without losing too much of the quality you expect in the H&F burger.Yum factor high.
I hadn't had the Bocado double stack in a few years. It is still awesome.Similar to the meat stick in texture and meat-to-cheese ratio, the Bocado burger is juicy, salty, and crunchy in the right spots. The patties are thin and crispy, coated with lots of drippy, yellow American-style sliced cheese. Big yums.
All of the other burgers on our list are very good to exceptional burgers. I'd be happy to eat any and all of them at any time, and I do more frequently than I perhaps should. It should be noted that since we ate each burger once this summer, the burger on the day we ate it is reflected on our list. For example, I expected that The General Muir burger pictured above would finish higher on our list, but it was just a bit too dry and well done on our visit. Still good, just not sublime as usual.
A couple of nice surprises on our list were the Pinewood Tippling Room burger pictured above served with their crack-like tater tots. Also of note was the sloppy, but tasty double stack at The Imperial in Oakhurst. We also included our own double stack, with house ground brisket and chuck, since it was pretty damn good itself. So, we ate a bunch of burgers, and I managed to not gain ten pounds by letting my lunch partner with the 12 year old-metabolism do most of the eating. Our next mission is to get busy eating the metro-area's best fried chicken. Until next time...

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