July 28, 2014

July Eats & Drinks Around Town

Been posting a bit about Charleston eats lately, so for a change here are some things I've been eating around town as of late. I made it over to Bocado for the first time in a long while. I used to work on the Westside, but it's been 5 years since I've spent any real time over there. The quinoa, avocado, and radish salad above was perfect for lunch on a hot summer day. This is my kind of summer eating.
Though, the Bocado double stack was as decadent and delicious as always.
The General Muir continues to impress at each visit. This time we tried several of the new summer salads, a welcome addition to the dinner menu. Above is the peach, watermelon, and cucumber salad with mint and yogurt. Perfect combo of fresh summer flavors. No complaints.
Another winner above: fried green bean salad with tomatoes and labne.
Can't just eat vegetables all night, so we slid some poutine in there as well.

My son and I have been on a cheeseburger hunt this summer, trying many of Atlanta's best burgers (more on this later). The meat stick at One Eared Stag never disappoints. 
Onion rings at One Eared Stag. Yum.
We finally got around to trying The Bishop in Avondale Estates. Despite living within walking distance, there's just never been much reason to hang out in Avondale. The recent additions of Palookaville and The Bishop are aiming to change that. I like the space at The Bishop, it has the feel of a cozy neighborhood bistro. The menu features a variety of southern-inspired, farm-to-table small plates and larger dishes. The picnic board above had some nice elements. There's a small cocktail menu with some interesting offerings, and all the beers on tap are from Wild Heaven around the corner. I wasn't blown away by anything in particular, but I'd be game for another visit soon. Hope things work out for The Bishop and the rebirth of downtown Avondale continues.
More fun and affordable wines from Le Caveau in Chamblee including the 2011 Chevillon Bourgogne Aligote. Aligote is Burgundy's forgotten grape, though it is a more affordable way to drink a white wine from the Burgundy region. No need to age 'em, just good summer drinking.
And a Riesling from Immich-Betterieberg. Refreshing. crisp acidity, nice wine for summer meals on the patio. Both of the above wines are in the low $20s at Le Caveau. Go see Eric and the team at Le Caveau if you are looking for some interesting wines that you can't find anywhere else around town....Until next time...

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