July 8, 2014

Charleston Eats: Edmund's Oast

This past weekend we made another road trip to Charleston, SC, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites places to visit. We did a good bit of eating and drinking, by noon Sunday I had to get out of town as I had no room in the belly for any more food or booze. There will be several posts as we hit some cool new spots and a couple old faves. First up, some pics and words on Edmund's Oast, a welcome newcomer to the Charleston food and drink scene. Located north of downtown in a still developing, semi-industrial area, Edmund's Oast bills itself as a brew pub, it's founders being the two guys that brought craft beer to South Carolina. Edmund's Oast is indeed a brew pub, but it is also so much more.
A nod to oast houses of the past, the restaurant design features a lot of natural wood tones and rustic details. Pictured above, the bar and 48 craft beers on draft listed along the back wall of the bar. Yes, there are 48 craft beers on tap a testament to the commitment to craft beer here. There are plenty of local beer options like Holy City and Coast Brewing, as well as a strong cocktail program and hipster-ish wine list. We were fortunate to snag seats at the chef's counter, where we watched the exacting precision of a well-run kitchen crank out dish after dish on a busy Saturday night.
We ate a lot of food as everything on the menu sounded great; from the bar snacks to small plates to a few larger entree-sized portions. The roasted green bean snack with bacon, peanuts, nuoc-cham, and Thai basil. Addictive stuff.
One of the foci at Edmund's Oast, along with craft beer, is charcuterie, and the restaurant boasts an impressive cured and fresh selection. The curing cabinet is on display behind a window high above the kitchen. Pictured above is the "small" cured charcuterie board with lonza, hot italian salami, house mustard, candied pecans, and Parmesan. What's not to like?
Though all of the dishes were winners, this one above was a highlight. Yellowfin tuna crudo with peaches, radish, sweet onions, cherry tomato vierge and cilantro. Beautiful fresh products, and nice balance of flavors that all work in concert. Winner.
Pickled shirmp on EVO bakery rye bread, with aioli, onion, dill. Wow. Perfect bites of food here. Throughout the night I watched this popular dish being plated and sent out and wasn't expecting all that much, but something about all of the flavors and textures work really together. The bread is pre-sliced into eighths to make for easy eating and sharing.
Green bean salad with potatoes, slow poached egg, roasted peppers, country ham & egg vinaigrette. If the other two dishes above weren't so strong, I'd say this was my favorite dish of the night. A nice execution with a nod to French-country cooking, with fresh, crisp hericot verts, potatoes, and herbs in a tangy egg-spiked vinaigrette. Add some yolky goodness from a poached egg and be happy.
I spent several happy hours eating and drinking at Edmund's Oast. From the size of the jovial crowds, both inside and out (there are communal picnic tables for 100 or so out front), it appears Edmund's Oast has found its place and will be a fixture in Charleston for a good long while. I'm already plotting my next visit. See you in September.
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