June 15, 2014

Summer Wines that Won't Break the Bank

I haven't posted much about wine lately on this little blog thingy of mine. It was wine that first got me into doing this blog five years ago, and I still drink my share of it, but it's not holding sway over my life the way it once did. I've been fortunate to have some mind-bogglingly legendary wines over the past few years, and to be honest, getting spoiled on the good stuff can be dangerous to one's wallet and sanity.

That being said, here are a few current wines I've been enjoying with the onset of warmer weather.  The Petit Cochon Bronze, or Little Brown Pig, by Domaine Rimbert in Saint Chinian. A lip-smacking, crisp and lively rose, perfect for a hot afternoon with food off the grill. I got this bottle for around $16 from my buddies at Le Caveau Fine Wines in Chamblee.

Moussamoussettes by Agnes and Rene Mosse. I love this producer; plain and simple. Their wines have achieved cult status in recent years, yet, it's readily available around town. Like many wines in the Loire, this wine is handcrafted by non-interventionist winemakers. The wine is ‘petillant naturel,’ it is made from its own natural yeasts, and it is unfined and unfiltered. There is nothing added and nothing taken away from what the earth gave. What's in the bottle is a cloudy, burnt orange pink wine that tastes of strawberry, earth, and sherry with a lively froth. It resembles a sparkling cider more than a sparkling wine. I got this one at the Little Wine Shop in Avondale Estates.
I've posted on this one before. A bone dry, refreshing Txakolina bubbly rose from Ameztoi in the Basque region of Spain. This one is made for grilled shellfish. Another winner from Le Caveau for just under $20.

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