June 9, 2014

ElMyriachi in Kirkwood

A couple of weeks ago my neighbors told me about a new Tex-Mex place they enjoyed in Kirkwood called Elmyriachi. Elmyriachi also recently got the Creative Loafing treatment. It must be nice to open a restaurant and have a hit right out of the gate. We waited 30 minutes for a table at 6 o'clock on a regular-'ol Saturday night. A massive front patio overlooking Hosea Williams, solid food, a vast margarita and cocktail menu, and the family-friendly-vibe will most likely keep the crowds coming. 

The tampiqueno burrito filled with grilled skirts steak, caramelized onions and jalapenos and doused in salsa verde and queso. A tasty burrito. El Myriachi's menu claims that all of their proteins are hormone and antibiotic-free and that the produce is from local farmers' markets. There was a lighter-cleaner-touch to many of the flavors and an overall freshness to the dishes we tried, which is not something one can say about many Tex-Mex joints. The burrito, like many of the dinner offerings, comes with well-seasoned re-fried beans that were spicy and creamy. The rice needs help.
Baja tacos with mahi, curtido, slaw, and charred red pepper remoulade. Again, fresh, clean flavors that worked well together. Not reinventing the wheel here, but a solid two fish taco plate for $9. The tacos verde with chicken was an equally well-executed dish with well-seasoned chunks of juicy chicken. There is also an expansive cocktail list and craft beer selection at El Myriachi. The two margaritas we tried were a welcome change from what often gets passed off as a margarita around town. More tart and fruit driven than sweet, and a nice balance of silver tequila in a big old pint glass. Imminently gulp-able. Funny, but Kirkwood is literally 2 miles from my house and I never visit the area. It's just not part of my regular routine. I look forward to another visit soon as El Myriachi might be the place to scratch that Tex- Mex itch that a mid-week margarita will often cure.

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