June 26, 2014

Beer Time!

I've been delving more and more into craft beer over the past year. I don't post about it, because that's not really the focus here. However, thanks to my brother and other friends, I've had the opportunity to drink some rare and amazing beers in the past few months. Again, not much help for locals, as you can't find these around town, but they are worth chasing if you are willing.
If you know beer, then you know about Heady Topper. It is the DRC of American beer. Made in miniscule quantities in Vermont by Alchemist, it has developed a rabid cult following in the northeast and around the country. It's like a perfect double IPA. Not sure what could make it any better. A great beer. Like all IPAs and DIPAs, this best consumed fresh.
There is something about the New England region in general, they know how to make good beer up there. The Ghandi-Bot from New England Brewing in New Haven, CT is nearly as flawless as the Heady Topper. A super crisp double-IPA, with loads of citrus-spiked acidity and body.
And more from the New England region, Maine Beer Company. More great Pale Ale and IPA. Maine Beer is now distributed in SC and should be available in other southern states soon so be on the look out for these tasty beers.


  1. Not a bad lineup on some of New England's finest brews!

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