June 3, 2014

June Gavage: Gu's Bistro, Sun In My Belly, Cakes & Ale

A nod to a friend for the title today as gavage was not part of my lexicon until he used in a blog post last year. That being said, some pics and words from recent visits to old favorites. 
Spicy-crunchy crawfish at Gu's Bistro on Bu Hi. Ridiculously addictive plate of food. Feel the burn. In real time, and the next morning. But it's all good. 
Spicy-crunchy chicken. Feel the burn, part deux. Not the best rendition from Gu's on this day. Chicken lacked crunch and was a bit soggy.
Stir fry green beans. 'Cause you have to have some veggies. The lotus root is a nice touch.
Chengdu cold noodles to cool it all down. I like Gu's, need to visit more often. 
A recent dinner at Sun in My Belly on the outskirts of Kirkwood. I like SIMB, though, I've had many more lunches than dinners. It's unpretentious, funky, and a fun hang out. The food is solid and well-priced. The grit cakes above were doused in a Gruyere and mushroom cream sauce. I carried in a young Chablis ($10 corkage). It all worked.
Shrimp and grits from SIMB. A bit clunky with a bbq-like sauce on the shrimp and those big sausage patties, but still tasty. I ate it all.
Lunch of the week was this cold-smoked trout salad from Cakes & Ale. Nothing to say, really, other than I could eat this every day and be damn happy. And it's pretty. Until next time...

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