May 26, 2014


I found myself at Sobban a couple of times in the past few weeks. Each time I visit Sobban, I kick myself a bit for not making it part of my normal rotation.

Chicken skin yakidori. This is great stuff: crispy, juicy chicken skin with a crunchy and cool slaw for some contrast. Nice first course, though, our chicken skins could have been a touch crisper.

Sobban's shrimp and grits. The cool thing about Sobban is that they crank out some refined dishes despite the casual setting and the diner label. Everything in this dish was well executed; perfectly cooked shrimp, smoky-crispy lardons, creamy grits, and a nice touch with the addition of the lemon zest to brighten it all up. Right on.
Spicy chicken sandwich. A nice idea, but on this day, just a bit off. A bit "one note" for me. And sloppy, which made it difficult to eat. I'm developing a pet peeve about sandwiches that are hard to get into one's mouth. This was a miss, but just slightly, and the kimchi deviled eggs, and smoked pork belly helped me forget about it. Note to self: go to Sobban more often.

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