May 12, 2014


I think if pressed, I'd probably pick pizza as one of my favorite foods. I love a good pizza. Who doesn't? Maybe some of the carb-phobic folks out there refrain from the glory of a good pizza, but life is short, eat a damn pizza now and again! I've stopped going out for pizza since discovering Kenji's skillet-broiler method on Serious Eats. Along with some 00 Caputo flour, and Kenjis recipe for Neapoltian style dough, the skillet-broiler method leaves you with a damn fine homemade pizza without having to abuse your home oven (truth be told, the clean cycle pie is hard to top when it comes to homemade pizza).
This one with hot thai chili, salami, roasted red peppers, and spinach. Good, but I used too many chilis, and they were hot, and I ruined my palate for about an hour.
Vidalia onion jam, pepperoni, and mushrooms. This one got a bit messy, but still tasty.
 The "upskirt" shot. A decent amount of char for a home cook hack like myself.
The Vidalia onion jam on the pizza above is from Hugh Acheson's recipe in his new Pick-a-Pickle book. This salty and sweet jam is flat out delicious. On anything. So tasty, you'll consider just eating it by the spoonful.

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