May 18, 2014

General Muir Again

So I finally tried the Friday-night-only fried chicken at The General Muir. It was solid. Not the best ever, but solid. My kid loved it, so there. The twice-cooked, corn starch-coating method is well-documented here.
A side of chicken fried rice-like farro.Given my recent affinity for farro, this hit the right notes for me.

A starter of broccoli and kohlrabi over lemony tahini and goat cheese. This didn't quite do it for me. It was very raw, which is cool, but the flavors didn't quite work so well, and it wasn't much to look at.

The fried chicken was especially tasty with the Savart Rose Champagne I brought with me. A great Champagne that is unfortunately not easy to find.

And a leftover shot from lunch at General Muir earlier in the week. That ridiculously good chicken salad sandwich is craveable stuff. I really like The General Muir and it is finding its way more often now into my regular rotation.

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