April 20, 2014

Recent Eats Around Town and More

Recent updates on some bites in town and around.
The chicken at El Norteno on Buford Highway. I'd not heard of El Norteno prior to my lunch date, EatItAtlanta, suggesting we try it. We shared the plate of chicken above (a whopping $9 at lunch!) as well as a few tacos. The tacos were decent, the chicken was the star. Slow-roasted and grilled until it develops a little crispiness on the skin and the meat is fall-apart tender. Good stuff. The place is kind of out of the way, but worth a visit if you are up in the BuHi area.
More chicken. This time, Peruvian-rotisserie style from Las Brasas. Las Brasas is a gem of a place. I don't appreciate it enough. Years ago, before I geeked-out and started taking pictures of food, I used to frequent Las Brasas. I'm glad they've persevered and are still turning out their inimitable rotisserie chicken. And they do it all in a space that's about the size of my living room. Props.
Strozzapreti carbonara at No. 246. Probably the best thing I've ever had at No. 246. Pea shoot strozzapreti pasta in a cream sauce with farm egg, peas, and tasso. Pretty decadent. Unfortunately, most of the other dishes we had Sat night were misses, but that seems to be my ongoing experience with 246.  Maybe I'm the problem, as the place is always slammed, and everyone around town loves it. Oh well.
Road Eats: The Uovo pizza at Bud-n-Alley's pizza on the beach in Seaside, FL. Fennel sausage, broccoli rabe, chili, and an egg. The egg elevates an otherwise serviceable pizza to something more crave-worthy. Then again, sitting outside and watching the sun set on the Florida coast also elevates this pizza, as well as much of the other average and overpriced food offered in the restaurants around Seaside.
A discovery I made while in Seaside, ice cream from Southern Craft Creamery. I don't usually get too excited about boutique ice creams, but this stuff is the jam. Made on a family-owned dairy farm in Mariana, FL, the ice cream is currently only available on the Florida panhandle. The Salted Dark Chocolate features chocolate from French Broad Chocolates in Asheville, in case you doubted Southern Craft's attention to detail. I wish I could get this stuff around Atlanta.

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