April 4, 2014

Recent Eating & Drinking

Time for a quick unloading of pics and thoughts on recent eats and drinks around town and at home.
Paid a visit to Miso Izakaya recently for the first time since last fall. It was solid. The Unsung Hiro is an inspiring cocktail that I've been desperately trying to knock off at home. That Lapsang souchong-salt mixture on top is key.
The egg never disappoints.
 The Okonomiyaki with squid and bonito. Excellent.
Smoked trout and potato salad with kale and carrots at Cakes & Ale. Have had some very tasty lunch bowls at Cakes recently. 
I traveled a bit to try some bbq for lunch at the new Greater Good Bbq spot on Roswell just inside I-285. Solid bbq and some very tasty brisket (hidden in pic). Greater Good is worth a stop if you're in that area. I'd go back.
Had a buddy over a few weeks ago and we smoked his Korean-marinated pork belly on the big green egg before crisping it up on high heat to finish. Used the belly in an Ed Lee-inspired rice bowl with fried egg, collards, and spicy corn remoulade.

We made some kimchi poutine again, too. This just doesn't sound like it should work, but it does.

Washed it all down with this excellent, but not easy to find champagne from Savart. Great stuff.


  1. About 2 miles, but at least 20 minutes closer in traffic is the original location of Greater Good BBQ on Lawrenceville Highway in an old Western Sizzler spot I believe. They have a nice beer list and have had some random gems like Hopslam available in the past.

  2. Thanks for the reminder!
    I do need to check out that original Great Good.