March 6, 2014

More Ed Lee Cookery

Can't remember the last time I plunged full-on into a cookbook the way I have with Ed Lee's Smoke & Pickles. Maybe my initial obsession with The French Laundry cookbook was similar, albeit for different reasons. The thing about Ed Lee's book is that it is full of food I want to eat. Quite simply, the recipes are challenging enough to be interesting without being intimidating, and the food tastes great.

Another variation on a rice bowl. This one with beef, collards, and a fried egg, topped with Lee's tasty corn-chili remoulade.
Honey-glazed roast duck with hoison and hot sauces. Bathing the whole duck with boiling salted water before roasting releases some of the fat and leaves you with a nice crisp skin. This was awesome.
Kimchi poutine. Yep. Cheese fries with kimchi. Decadent. The addition of kimchi was a head- scratch at first, but it brings an interesting tang to the dish, similar to what malt vinegar brings to fish and chips.
The red cabbage and bacon kimchi on day one. Lee has four variations of kimchi in the book, this one features green apple, carrots, and bacon along with the red cabbage.
Spoon bread with kale and bacon. I threw in some leftover duck from the roast pictured above.
A quick wine recommendation: This Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon blend from Agnes & Rene Mosse, a husband and wife team that produces natural wines from vineyards in Anjou, near the Loire Valley in France. A nice everyday wine that you can find around town for $20.

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