March 26, 2014

First Bites at Ration & Dram

I stopped by the long-awaited Ration & Dram over in Kirkwood the other night. R&D has been open for a little more than one week and are still working out some kinks in their space and the kitchen. They were still waiting on a liquor license (any day now) when we visited, so people will have to wait a little longer for the anticipated cocktail program from Andy Minchow. For now, some pics of smaller plates we tried.
Chicken-fried duck livers with house pickles and hot sauce. Decent dish, if a bit too heavy on the rather under-seasoned cornmeal coating. The chewy pickled chard (I think it was chard?) stems are a bit of a stretch to serve as pickles.
I am sorry to say it, but this patty melt was kind of sad. Dry, over cooked, and lacking flavor (salt is a wonderful thing). The brioche toast makes for a strange vehicle for your burger. I don't know, perhaps not the best idea. The menu said "rye," but there was nothing rye about that bread.
Roast beef sandwich with house mayo, mustard and spring lettuce. The slices of roast beef were ice cold, which is a bit of personal nit for me. Too cold is as bad as too hot. The beef lacked flavor (someone find some salt, please!), and was on the dry side. I lost the mayo and mustard in the brioche, which seemed to soak up all the flavor.
 Bacon bread and salted house butter. The bacon bread was fun. We also tried the kale salad (no pic) which was tasty and seasonal.
It has been a bit difficult tracking down a menu online; here's the offerings from our visit earlier this week. While the food was mostly a miss on this visit, it was only a week into their opening, so take that for what it's worth. It is still a great space, with ample outdoor seating, which will undoubtedly be rocking when spring finally arrives. I'm looking forward to my next visit when the cocktails are flowing.

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