February 5, 2014

Recent Eats Around and At Home

Some random stuff of eats over the past couple of weeks. The picture above is from another excellent meal at Bocca Lupo last week. The new off-the-menu-special of black pepper spaghetti, wild boar and togarashi meatballs is ridiculously good.
Also at Bocca Lupo: An app special the night we were there: tuna tartare with manchego-stuffed, fried green olives. Excellent contrast in temperature and texture. We also had the bruschetta banh mi with pulled pork and chicken liver, which was a tasty bite. Bocca Lupo has been excellent at each of my four or five visits and it seems to be getting better. Need to eat here more often!
Found ourselves on the west side last weekend, something that doesn't happen nearly enough. Had a tasty lunch at Miller Union, a place I often forget about when thinking of places to go to for lunch or dinner. A kale & chicory salad with grapefruit, pecans,  and shallot vinaigrette felt like spring, in a good way. Clean flavors here, as I've come to expect at MU. Also tasty was the chicken liver pate, and a roast beef and horseradish melt. Good stuff as always. And the place was packed. For lunch. On a random Saturday. Good for them.
Had a rather disappointing introduction to Smoke Ring, the new bbq place that opened in the Castleberry Hill community near downtown. We tried a number of dishes. The pulled pork sandwich pictured above was decent, though somewhat dry. The brisket was actually pretty good, but the ribs were dry, the cornbread was regrettably cardboard-ish and some other sides were equally forgettable. Far too many other, better bbq joints around town to draw me back here. Maybe they'll get some things worked out in time.
Home cooking: while snowed in during snowmaggedon 2014 last week I was able to whip up a 90 minute, Ivan-ramen style noodle bowl thanks to having dried fish and dashi in the house. Amazing the amount of flavor you quickly coax out of dried fish and seaweed. I through in some leftover meatballs, mushrooms, and quick-soft boiled eggs. A tasty hot soup on an icy day. And don't worry, you're not high, that picture is really blurry. I need to talk to my photographer.

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