February 23, 2014

New Orleans Eats: La Petite Grocery & More

We took our now-annual trip down to New Orleans last week. Had some great food and drinks, per usual. Some really outstanding food at Le Petite Grocery on Magazine Street in uptown.
LPG has garnered some national attention in recent years with executive chef and owner Justin Devillier being named a James Beard award finalist for the past two years, as well as having a good showing on the recent season of Top Chef. The food at LPG was outstanding; not a single misstep on any of the six dishes we tried, and several were truly memorable.

Ricotta dumplings with lobster and edamame. Impossibly creamy and pillowy dumplings in a rich and creamy broth. What's not to like? Still thinking about this dish.
 Another standout: Grilled octopus, warm potato salad, pickled celery, and Florida bottarga.
Sheep cheese pirog with pork cheek, shitake, choucroute.
Beef short rib, spicy-pickled cucumber, fried peanuts.
Daily pickle jar. Pickled vegetables done right. Nearly the star of the meal.
Nice bar program at LPG, too. A quick pic of the Enchanter: Death’s Door gin, Gran Classico bitter, fresh blood orange & Meyer lemon, and star anise. A decent cocktail, perhaps overshadowed by the Bee's Hive with High West double rye, grapefruit, lemon, bitters, and raw jalapeno syrup.

Some other hits from the trip: Went back to Domilese's for the best damn po' boys on the planet. There's something magical about this place; it is a worth a trip to seek out if you are ever in town.
The obligatory stop at Cafe Du Monde in the Quarter for beignets and cafe au lait.
The best Bloody Mary's in the quarter at Molly's where the mix includes Worcestershire, Tobasco, lemon, lime, a splash of Guinness, and a pickled green bean. A few of these for lunch makes walking the Quarter even more interesting.
Late-winter morning in the Quarter. Already looking forward to the next trip.

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