December 23, 2013

Things Learned, 2013 Version

As we wrap up another year, some refection on the food and drink-related things I've learned in 2013:
I'm fortunate to live in Decatur, with new and interesting restaurants making us a destination locale for great eats and drinks. Paper Plane, Kimball House, and Chai Pani were all welcome additions to the neighborhood this year.
I really like visiting Charleston, SC. Three trips in 2013 and I'm looking forward to going back. Great food town. Next time, I'm visiting Westbrook Brewing, the one visit I've yet to make.
I also made my first trip ever to New Orleans this year. When you live in the south and say that people look you at you sideways. Seems everyone down here has spend time there. I loved it and look forward to returning in February next year. Some really outstanding food and culture.
I rediscovered craft beer in 2013. I drank less wine in 2013. Part of it was driven by financial realities, part by the fact that I rediscovered beer. Some great beers in 2013.
Some of my favorite new cookbooks from 2013. From these books I've learned I still have a lot to learn.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention things learned from dinners shared with friends where food and wine tend be the topics of choice. More than once this year I drank better than I should, and for that, and the generosity of friends, I am thankful. Onward...

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