November 10, 2013

Drinks and Things

Some recent tastes of cocktails around town and other tidbits Stopped in at The Pinewood Tippling Room a couple of Mondays ago for Greg Best's guest spot behind the bar. The Blood be Damned with tequila, orange, Aperol, Dolin, lime and sea salt. Good drinks. Fun night. The food at Pinewood still doesn't wow me, but this night was about the cocktails, and Greg seemed to be having fun behind the bar.
Behold the Windbreaker. A terrific new mezcal cocktail at Cakes & Ale. Tasty combo of Barsol pisco, Strega, Dolin blanc, lemon, bitters, and Del Maguey Mezcal. Also worth checking out on the new list is the Future Primitive with new Holland Freshwater Michigan rum,  Amaro, Montenegro, apricot liqueur, allspice dram, and grapefruit.
Also from Cakes, an excellent country pork terrine with mostardo, pickled huckleberries, fig.
A beer interlude: Praise for one of my new (to me) favorite beers. Cigar City Brewing out of Tampa has been lighting things around ATL as their beers are beginning to be more available in our market. The beers don't sit on the shelf long, though, as there isn't much and fans go crazy for the stuff. The Jai Alai India Pale Ale is crisp, hoppy, and so drinkable. Get some. And then get some more.
Rabbit leg from a recent lunch at Empire State South. I just don't get to ESS very often. I wish it was just a little bit closer as I've never had anything but great food experiences there.
From a recent wine-wonk dinner at Park 75, Atlanta's under-appreciated fine dining gem in midtown.Compressed veal breast, over pumpkin ravioli, with truffle shavings. Yes, please. Park 75 knows how to host a wine dinner. Each dish is complimentary, never overpowering, and when you are drinking 20 and 30 year old Grand Cru Burgundy (see below), this type of polished execution is key. Nothing exceeds like excess, or something like that. The wines pictured below, they didn't suck.