October 25, 2013

Randomness and Ramen

Haven't updated the 'ol blog thingy lately. No reason. No silly excuses. Just haven't. But, I still can't seem to let it die...so here we go...

Had some very tasty ramen at chef Mihoko's lunch ramen service in the SoBa space in EAV. Pictured above are the three ramen on the menu: traditional Tonkotsu (pork), Chicken Shoyu (chicken and lobster), and Mabu Nasu (Spicy miso-chicken).
Chicken-Shoyu: made with chicken and lobster stock. A delicate broth with a nice touch of lobster flavor in the back ground. The slightly crunchy and charred Brussels sprout leaves on top are a perfect little addition of texture and flavor contrasts.
Close up of the Tonkotsu. Yum on the soft-boiled soy egg. Gum Creek Farm pork belly. Another delicate broth with some complexity and depth. Tasty. The Tonkotsu was perhaps overshadowed by the complex and bold flavors of the other two on this day, but it is a winner in its right.
Now the randomness...I made this tasty short rib dish. Braised the ribs for 4 hours in red wine and stock. Served on top of pickled chard (I'm pickling all kinds of shit theses days!) and Logan Turnpike grits. This dish did not suck on the first really cold night this fall.
Hippie beer! The good folks at DogFish Head Brewing have payed an homage to the Grateful Dead
with their new American Beauty Pale Ale. (American Beauty being the title of what is considered by many to be the best studio album by the Grateful Dead). The recipe, with plenty of oatmeal and hops, was submitted by a fan as part of a contest, with the winning brew being chosen by the band and brewers.
I was also spoiled by these two great wines a couple of weeks ago while celebrating my brother's b-day. 1989 Jaboulet Aine Hermitage La Chapelle and the 1973 Cune Rioja Imperial Gran Reserva. There is nothing like great wine that ages well. Nothing! Two great wines that I wish I could afford to drink more often!

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