October 1, 2013

Kimball House Opens

The much anticipated Kimball House opened recently in the old train depot on the tracks near Agnes Scott College on the south side of downtown Decatur. You can read about the history of the name and the folks behind the project here (the Brick Store and Leon's team almost guarantees success!). The menu speaks to a bygone era of hotel menus; there is a large selection of raw oysters and other raw bar treats, and an expanded menu that features fish, meat, and veggie sections that go from small to large plates. I only got a few pics before sunset as it gets Paper-Plane-dark inside later in the evening.
We started with a variety of oysters (half price raw bar items M-F from 5:30-7:00!) and then the cold smoked hamachi with beet puree, lime vinegar, and greens pictured above. This dish could be awesome, and it sure is pretty, but it lacked some punch and fell kind of flat in the end. However, being that the place has only been open for five days my comments are really just my observation of one moment in time at a very busy and very new restaurant.
Parmesan cheese straws. Fun stuff. Think gougeres in straw form. Not easy to refrain from quickly shoving these in one's mouth. We also had some mussels escabeche which were excellent, and grilled lamb leg, that needs some attention to be memorable.
A real strength at Kimball House is the bar program with Miles Macquarrie, previously of Leon's, at the helm. We tried a number of cocktails, one being the The Mexican Razor Blade pictured above which was tasty concoction of alma blanco tequilla, east india sherry, lime, coconut, cinnamon, cayenne. While there were some lapses with the food and service, the place was jammed on a Monday night, five nights into service. I'm sure things will only get better and Kimball House is yet another great new addition to Decatur's food and drink scene.

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