September 26, 2013

Evil Twin Brewing

I'm a relatively new convert to the beers of Evil Twin Brewing. The stuff is mostly brilliant; I have yet to not like one of their creations. Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø is the slightly twisted mind behind Evil Twin Brewing, which is technically based in Copenhagen. Why Evil Twin for a name? Well, Jeppe's brother, Mikkel Borg Bjergs makes beer under the Mikkeller label.

Evil Twin Brewing is part of a growing "gypsy brewer" movement. Gypsy brewers mostly forgo owning a permanent brewery set up; instead, they travel as Jeppe does, making beer at various brewery locations around the world. Picture above are a couple of the easier-to-find beers from Evil Twin that are brewed in Stratford, CT. The Molotov Cocktail is an intense, explosive (wink-wink), Imperial India Pale Ale that clocks in at 13% alcohol. Yes, 13%. It's not a beer to pound. The Low-Life is a refreshing pilsner, and a parody of the classic Miller Hi-Life. Also pictured, the Lil' B, an Imperial Porter that also clocks in at 11.5% alcohol.
The Bikini Beer is Evil Twin's light beer. It lacks a bit of intensity and flavor for me, but it's a decent summer IPA that only carries 2.5% alcohol. If you are looking for an interesting "light beer" this one is for you.
Also very cool, the Hipster Ale, brewed at Westbrook Brewing in SC. There are numerous other creative and interesting beers made by Evil Twin, and many have equally quirky names. Consider the Spicy Nachos Pale Ale with jalapeno, or the Even More Jesus Imperial Stout to name a few. No kidding, if you poke around the Evil Twin website and you'll find at least 50 unique brews in the past couple of years. Many are bottled and sold in larger 22 ounce formats, like the Yuzu Femme Fatale below:
The Evil Twin Yuzu Femme Fatale IPA is one of my favorite beers in recent memory. Hard to find, and not cheap, but worth the effort and cost involved. Bright, citrusy, with great acidity and body. Yum. If you've got an open mind and like trying unique craft beers, go get some Evil Twin.

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