August 5, 2013

Recent Eats and Drinks

Some recent eating and drinking things as we work our way through summer. Dinner at a friend's house last weekend featured some killer food and wine.

I made the crostini pictured above topped with my pimento cheese, bacon from a pork belly I cured, and my spicy pickles. I used my go-to baguette recipe from Jacques Pepin. Yes, I stole the idea for the crostini from Husk. Here's proof.

We also had some lobster and squid paella cooked on a Big Green Egg.
I brought along this killer champagne, the 1999 Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill. In case you didn't know it, Dr. Churchill liked his bubbly, and Pol Roger has made this commemorative bottling in his honor since 1975. It is good wine. Not cheap, though, so there is that.
This 1966 Cos D' Estournel from Bordeaux's Saint-Estephe commune in the Medoc region was also pretty freaking fantastic. Slumming it, we weren't.
I also made a return visit to Bocca Lupo last weekend. Had to get the damn octopus and mortadella dish again. So  good. It's got such great smoke flavor throughout, and the shell beans are a new favorite ingredient for me.
Grilled asparagus with soft-poached egg and croutons. Good dish. Perfectly cooked egg.
Strano pasta with Gorgonzola cream, mortadella, and broccoli. No, it's okay, it has broccoli in it, it won't kill you. Gorgonzola cream, anyone? I waddled home. We had several other pasta dishes as well; the 20 yolk tagliatelle is still pretty damn good, though still not sure about those 20 yolks.
I brought along an excellent Chardonnay from Etienne Sauzet. Bocca Lupo has a very reasonable $15 corkage fee. The 2000 Etienne Sauzet Puligny Montrachet La Garenne wine was drinking really well and was perfect sitting outside on a hot summer night. I really like Bocca Lupo. I'll visit again soon, I'm sure.

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