July 1, 2013

Not Yet Dead: Recent Eats and Drinks

Seeing as how it's been two plus weeks since I added anything to this blog, I figured I'd write something so that I don't totally forget how this thing works. Truth is, not sure why I do it anymore, but I can't quite let it go. And June was the busiest month in my recent memory, and unfortunately, not much of that busy-ness had anything to do with food and drinks.
Been digging into craft beers a good bit this summer. Have enjoyed the beers from Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant, SC. Good stuff. Available around town. The White Thai, Westbrook's take on a Belgian witbeir, is spiked with ginger and lemongrass and is an excellent beer for hot summer days.
Six Point Brewing from Brooklyn. Good stuff. They make a ton of different styles of beer. Sweet Action and Resin pictured above are two of the core lineup. The Resin is real hoppy if you like that style, and 9% alcohol here, so it doesn't take much.
Wine from Thierry Puzelat and Peirrot Bonhomme. I like their wines. Le Telquel is a natural Gamay wine; it's edgy, and tastes like grapes. And dirt. In a good way. Le Telquel translates to "as it is." So, there you go.
I've also rediscovered a love of Leon's lately. Several stops in the past two months and all have been stellar. While Leon's has always nailed their cocktail program and craft beer selections, the revamped seasonal menu is as strong as ever. The new charcuterie offering, which changes often, has been on point each visit.
I also paid another visit to Hola Mexican Cantina recently. Hola is on the square directly across the street from Leon's. My first visit at Hola was really not memorable. Just misses all around. Last week, my second visit was better. The menu has been revamped, with some new items and the food we ordered showed glimpses of Mexican flavors and depth hat was missing from our visit. The short rib enchiladas pictured above were earthy and succulent, and the fried fish tacos showed promise. As do the margaritas and specialty cocktails from the bar. I'll go back.

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