July 13, 2013

Bocca Lupo

Seems I keep coming up with excuses as to why I am too busy to post on this blog thingy anymore. Chief among those reasons is that blogging is so 2008. That, and I have actually been busy with things that are probably more important than taking pictures of things I eat and drink. I did meet up with a couple of friends at Bocca Lupo in Inman Park the other night. The food was excellent; some really tasty handmade pasta and thoughtful dishes here. If I lived in the neighborhood, I'd be there often.
Prosciutto with house ricotta and pineapple mostardo.
The dish of the night for me. Octopus and mortadella skewers over fava bean salad. A special dish. As good a treatment of octopus as I've had in a while. We had to have two orders. I want more.
Black spaghetti, calabrese sausage, scallions. Solid.
Garganelli, white ragu, field peas, green garlic. Excellent.
Bucatini with smoked bacon, red onion, pomodora sauce. Classic.
We brought some good wines, too. Like this 1994 Vina Bosconia from Lopez de Heredia, a Spanish producer of classic Riojas that are beautiful wines that age gracefully. And, fyi...very reasonable $15 corkage at Bocca Lupo.

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  1. 2008-esque or not, we followers still appreciate the time you make to share your dining experiences. And I totally want to try the "Garganelli, white ragu, field peas, green garlic." Sounds amazing!

  2. Thanks, Travis.
    I appreciate that.
    Go try that white ragu!