June 10, 2013

Random Food & Wine Stuff

Nothing too specific this week, been too busy for much of anything too serious with food and wine.
Peruvian-style whole grilled chicken on the BGE. I follow Kenji's recipe from Serious Eats. Remove the backbone, flatten the bird out, rub with spices overnight, grill over indirect heat, then crisp the skin quickly on high, direct heat. Tasty, tasty, bird. My new favorite way to cook chicken.
Another idea from Kenji is the skillet-broiler method for Neapolitan pizza. My new favorite to make pizza at home. Cold-rise 00 dough for 72 hours, then knead it a bit, cook in a smoking hot skillet, top with sauce, cheese, etc. and fire under your oven broiler until blackened in spots. Delicious. The pie above was bacon and caramelized Vidalia onions.

Also got together recently with the wine wonks for some wine and food debauchery that including drinking wines that are way above my pay grade. Unfortunately, the white Burgundy above was prematurely oxidized. Yep, that's no fun. But, there were lots of other great wines, food, and company.

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