May 19, 2013

Recent Eats & Drinks around Town

Nothing specific to write about lately, but some pics of eats and drinks around town. I found myself at Leon's twice in the past week. I hadn't been to Leon's in a couple of months, and there are some welcome tweaks to the menu.
The charcuterie board was solid, featuring tasty head cheese with ramp kimchi, coppa, house sausage, and customary pickles.
The radishes with butter and sea salt.
The crispy chicken confit biscuit.

After Leon's we headed over to Paper Plane. No pics, because it's dark in there, but go if you haven't been as it's a gem.
Lunch at Big Tex was decadent as always; a solid grilled chicken sandwich and green chili side. Still nap inducing. Also had family in town visiting and we opted for dinner at No. 246. Sad to say, like my last visit to 246, much of what I tasted was a miss. No. 246 is becoming unreliable to me and my attraction to the place wanes with each visit.
Earlier in the week I had lunch with Foodie Buddha at Chicago Supermercado. These asada and barbacoa tacos are the real deal and perhaps the best in town. Chicken tamales good, too, just a bit dry this time.
Capping things off with an Abita Wheat in a Biggie glass. A good week. Until next time...

Leon's Full Service on Foodio54

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