May 13, 2013

Paper Plane in Decatur

In case you have been out of the country, or just tuned out for a bit like I occasionally do, Paper Plane opened in Decatur back in late March. The long-awaited bar/restaurant from one of Atlanta's most gifted mixologists, Paul Calvert, is located behind an unmarked black door past the ping pong table on your way to the restrooms in the back of Victory Sandwich in Decatur. No kidding, that's where it is. You can also access Paper Plane via a door that opens to the alley behind Cakes & Ale.
While it might sound like it's easy to find Paper Plane, it's worth the effort to belly up to the bar and take in the speakeasy-like (it is not a speakeasy, I get it) atmosphere and enjoy some killer cocktails. I wasn't going to take pictures, it's dark in Paper Plane, as it should be. If you want to see some good pics check out my friend Jimmy's review at EatItAtlanta. When I grow up, I'm going to get a fancy camera like Jimmy's that takes pretty pictures in the dark. Nonetheless, I offer you some grainy Galaxy Nexus (I can be bought) phone pics of some the drinks and food.

Best dishes we tried were the the quail with quail egg and fava beans pictured above and  the beet salad with rye crumb and goat cheese below.
The small plates coming out of the kitchen Paper Plane shares with Victory show promise.The real strength of Paper Plane is Paul Calvert's cocktail program that rivals any in town.  Undoubtedly, you'll be asking Paul, or one of the other bartenders about the obscure elixirs that find their way into some the cocktails. The Herbert Mead pictured above, Paper Plane's riff on a Corpse Reviver, was a standout. The Mezcal-based Trouble in Paradise pictured below was also strong. It should also be noted that there is also a very smart beer selection and wine list at Paper Plane.
Paper Plane is not a large room, basically seats for a dozen or so at the bar and a half dozen booths for larger parties. Expect it to be crowded, it has been both times I've visited. Yet, that's part of the charm. Paper Plane feels edgy; yet, it's homey, a place where you want to meet friends for a couple of cocktails after work and a place where you can belly up to the bar and probably see familiar smiling faces.

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