May 31, 2013

Home Cooking: Sichuan style

I've been fooling lately around with some recipes from the new book, Every Grain of Rice, by Fuchsia Dunlop. Dunlop is an English writer and cookbook author who specializes in Chinese cuisine. She was the first Westerner to train as a chef at the Sichuan Institute of Higher Cuisine in China.
The new book focuses on interpretations of classic Sichuan-style Chinese cooking somewhat simplified for everyday home cooking. The recipes are not terribly long or complex as many feature less than a dozen ingredients. However, Dunlop does stay true to the traditional ingredients of real Sichuan cooking, which lead to me scrambling around Buford Highway Farmer's Market several trips looking for things like Chinkiang vinegar, fermented black beans, and ya cai.
Hot and numbing beef. Good, but not nearly hot and numbing enough. More chili next time.
Garlicy, spicy, smacked cucumbers. A tasty snack. I also made twice cooked pork belly with fermented black beans and peppers, as well as traditional dan dan noodles.No pics, but both were tasty. Next up to make are hot and numbing fish and cold, black bean chicken.

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